Viewers on the side: how the freelancers should govern their money

Take him from me -- a freelancer can cost you

You don't need me to tell you that the labor force is now more competitive than ever. Enrolic enrollment in Canadian universities is higher

We do not allow these frightening numbers to stop us. Baby boomers can call us whatever they want, but we're guestas. We're chasing our dreams, and we're not going to settle for less (or at least when we do it, we're thinking about what's next)

Welcome to freelance and sidewalk

We love extra money, and many of us actually need it to make ends meet. Our training does not guarantee our work in our field, not to mention the salary. So, we've discovered new, creative ways that allow us to live as we want. But if you're not careful, the extra money can disappear in a moment

I'm one of those people who started freelance writing and performing social media consultations for business at the beginning of my career. Freelancing gave me the opportunity to accumulate valuable experience and to allow me to maintain a very expensive life in Toronto, one of the biggest

That's when I got my tax returned last spring with a saying

It's no secret that they don't teach you about your taxes or financial literacy in school. I can figure out how to calculate the angle of the triangle, but I have no idea how my taxes work even after years of math. I moved my legs, paid the bill, and made my study to make sure it never happens again. In my research and with some money-smart people (thank you!)I've come to some advice that all the side crooks need to keep in mind that they don't stop blindness, like I do

I'd like someone to tell me when I started to earn more and more money from my freelwork work before the budget for the tax season is actually. The experts are talking about postponing the decision

It just sucks, I know. When you worked your ass off and finally got the money, the last thing you want to do is save it to pay the bill. But this will help to avoid big problems if you get bills for tax evasion

Build up the backup plan. It's the money you put aside to help you pay for the cost of living or just that you "can't live without" or are used to it. This can be as simple as putting aside a certain amount you earn every month to help you make your ends (for example, 10 percent of each check)

You can use freeltime clients to work and work. There is no guarantee for new projects, and you never know when the client will pull the plug. Even if you have built contracts (which you must use) that protect yourself to some extent, you still cannot completely control the client requirements and situations that change

Many people are immerse in themselves and do not have the opportunity to demand that their expenses come from taxes. As a freelancer, many things you don't think about can actually be claimed as a business expense when working with a file. Like, you work at home? Request a portion of your rent or household expenses, such as your Internet, hydroelectric power, telephone bills, etc. If you are using your own machine for your work, see the information to claim some of these costs. What if you had a business meeting and the client bought coffee or food? Or did you buy a new computer so you could work as a freelancer? A fair game

Saving checks and invos throughout the year in an organized group will help to collect this information together with a more easy task in case of a hit in the tax season. In addition, you must have receipts and invoices for any expenses that you require in the event that you check them and submit the correct/documentation

I've talked about this once, and I'll say it again. We are Freelance, side talk, glasses, everything you want to name, generation. But we can also be a generation that first jumps into the head without thinking about the consequences. So back up your ass, save the above thoughts when you're taking the next project

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Lauren is a graduate of the Sheridan College, who now works in the marketing of social media ... yes, she gets a salary in Tweet. When she does not live in social networks, she travels around the world and writes about it to her blog of travel