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The best Friday Night Lights blog you’re not reading

KevanLee.com writes mostly about sports, but his posts on Friday Night Lights are absolutely hilarious and genuinely insightlfuly. He’s hands down running the best Friday Night Lights blog that no one has discovered yet (except me of course!).

My favorite Posts:

Season 2 Needs Saving!

So…it was a great offseason.

Friday Night Lights got renewed for a second season.

And it’s set to start this Friday…

Friday? What are you doing NBC? Are you trying to kill the show?

Rumors are flying that once again Friday Night Lights may get the ax early this year. NBC went out on a limb to give the show a second season, but just like Rex Grossman, if it doesn’t put up the numbers…it’s gonna get canned.

My favorite columnist (and blazers fan!) over at ESPN wrote a passionate plea to his readers to watch FNL this season. You can find the wonderful article here.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we could make sure that FNL stays on this season? 

Season 2 Friday Night Lights!

Just saw this over on cnn…


FNL got renewed! We saved Friday Night Lights! (OK, maybe not us specifically, but I know the hundreds of comments received on this site got noticed by NBC)

Thanks to everyone who helped save Friday Night Lights! We’re getting Season Two!


How Friday Night Lights Got It’s Start

Did you know that Friday Night Lights was a movie? (and a good one at that!).

Friday Night Lights (Widescreen Edition)

And that that movie was based on this book?

Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream

If you haven’t read the book or checked out the movie, they are both worth purchasing. I’ve probably watched the movie at least half a dozen times. It’s different than the show, but it is easily as good. Plus…you’ll notice some characters in the movie are also in the TV series (Mrs. Coach and Buddy). Anyway, if you order both those plus another book with the above links amazon will do free shipping.

Tonite’s episode looks awesome as usual. Last weeks was so powerful and tense…I love this show.

P.S. If you like the music from the TV show…alot of it comes from the movie as well. Here is the soundtrack as well. Order all three and be a super decked out FNL fan!

Friday Night Lights Soundtrack

Friday Night Lights Forum

Join in the discussion @ the Friday Night Lights Fan Community.

Meet other FNL Fans!

The first video in the save friday night lights video contest!

OK, so I’m not much of a filmaker…I’m hoping some of you are! Be as creative as you want! My short went over 30 seconds! Oh well.

Lets see some videos! Remember, just place the link to the video in a comment on the post below. Thanks!

Save Friday Night Lights Staff

NBC: Bring Back Friday Night Lights For A 2nd Season!

Dear Fellow Friday Night Lights Fans,

First off I want to thank everyone who signed the petition, and contacted NBC about why they love FNL. The comments were just amazing for this great show.

I’m holding a video contest for all FNL fans to show their Panther love. Create a 30-second clip that in some creative fashion shows why you think NBC should bring FNL back for a second season. We made it through the first without getting canceled, but lets get a renewal!

So, here’s how to participate:

1. Create a 30 second clip about FNL. Show NBC how much you love the show, and why they should bring it back for a 2nd Season. Be as creative as possible.

2. Upload the clip to YouTube.

3. Post the clip URL in the comments section of this thread.

4. Once the clip is posted, I will add it to a video page where you’ll be able to vote for your favorite clips.

5. The highest voted video by the end of march will receive a prize, yet to be determined! (Hey NBC, how about flying the winner to a party in Austin to watch the season finale with the cast??)(if anyone has a contact or knows one at NBC that could make this happen, please let me know!)

OK, lets see these 30 second clips! I’m working on my script right now…are you?

Official Petition Thread - Save Friday Night Lights

The Book, The Movie, and The Soundtrack: Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a DreamFriday Night Lights (Widescreen Edition)Friday Night Lights

This is the official savefridaynightlights.com petition to NBC to keep ‘Friday Night Lights’ on the air! Please leave your comments about the show on the NBC site (see “How to Save ‘Friday Night Lights’ (the show)“) and then copy them hear so the whole world can see what you think of this awesome show!

How To Save ‘Friday Night Lights’ (the show)

The Book, The Movie, and The Soundtrack: Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a DreamFriday Night Lights (Widescreen Edition)Friday Night Lights

After doing a bit of research, and even completing some massive NBC Universal Surveys, I’ve found the best way to contact NBC specifically about FNL (friday night lights). Here is how you do it:

To Voice Your Opinion about ‘Friday Night Lights’ To NBC

Step 1

Go here to the NBC Contact Us Page

Step 2

Pull up ‘Friday Night Lights’ (pulldown menu) about halfway down the page, right after this wording:

Questions not found on FAQ page about NBC Entertainment programming? Email us using the pulldown menu below:

Step 3

Leave your comments in the form that pops up when you select FNL.

That’s It! Let’s Save this great show!

Save Prayer on TV! Save ‘Friday Night Lights’

For all you Christians out there…have you seen ‘Friday Night Lights’?

Have you seen how many times the characters in the show pray? And not just a quick, “Amen”…NBC is showing full fledged 15 second+ prayers. When was the last time you saw this on TV? (save the simpsons…). Besides being just a great show, this show is showing at least some decent representation of Christian prayer. Doesn’t that alone make it worth saving?

From a beliefnet blog on FNL:

“The final minutes also feature one of the most moving and authentic prayers I’ve heard on TV in a very long time. It’s a perfect illustration of the way real life and spiritual life intersect in strange and difficult ways.”
Join the petition to save FNL. See the post, “How to Save ‘Friday Night Lights’ (the show)” to tell NBC to keep FNL on the air and keep prayer on the air!

Is ‘Friday Night Lights’ the next ‘Smith’?

According to numerous news articles of late, the excellent new show ‘Friday Night Lights’, is a possible candidate to get axed due to low ratings. This site is the official site to SAVE this awesome show. Here are a few articles about the possible cancelling of the show:

At CNN - ‘Where are ‘Friday Night Lights’ fans?’


Media Life Magazine - “Prospects dim for ‘Friday Night Lights’”


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